Business Terms

Sale Terms;

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New Goods warranty;

New goods sold in Store or Online are covered by Manufacturer’s warranties for 12 months, Batteries/ Powerbanks are covered by 6 months warranty only from date of purchase.

Techhelp as a seller of products makes no claim of providing any kind of warranties themselves expect passing Manufacturer warranties to buyer. 


Your warranty does not cover and will  be voided if …..

  1. Damage to item is caused by exposure to water or other liquids 
  2. Device is tampered or any kind third party interference.
  3. Device has any kind of accidental damage (dents, breakage, drops, scratches, screen bleed(ink bots, Lines showing on lcd)
  4. Software issues, Data stored on equipment.
  5. Wear and tear of accessories, ports, batteries etc 
  6. Use of Product beyond manufacturer guidelines. 


Return and Refund Policy 

Un-opened sealed packaged items can be returned within 14 days from the original invoice date provided no damage has been done to them including to their packaging.

We are not obliged to give refunds or credit notes under the below circumstances;

  • You broke or damaged the product.
  • Special or custom orders placed by customers.
  • Product is opened or used,  if product sold become faulty we will choose to either repair or replace at our discretion. 
  • Product that is missing items (i.e.. software, cables, manual, packaging etc.) included with the original product is non-returnable.
  • Products those are unhygienic to resell can not be accepted for returned unless found faulty.
  • You were told about the defect before you bought the item (for example, if the goods were marked ‘shop-soiled’).
  • You bought the item knowing that it wasn’t fit for what you wanted it to do.

NOTE : Proof of purchase is required for return or refund request, all refund will be made by same mode as  initial payment was made.