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If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port
when your phone is not charging or charging intermediatly
When people can't hear you on call.
Home button
When your home button not working as expected
When you can not hear while talking or ringer not load enough
When your camera stop working or you could take selfie anymore
Power Button
When you got a button faulty or not working as expected
When your phone is shutting off intermediately or not holding charge anymore
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If the glass/LCD is cracked, has a distorted image, screen bleed, no image, or is malfunctioning.
Charging Port
Device not charging, charging intermediately, moisture detection fault
When no-one can hear you on call.
Home button
home button not doing what you want.
when you can't hear or sound not loud enough.
When you can't take pictures or make selfies
Power Button
When any of you button not working as it should be.
When your battery is not holding charge, phone shutting off anytime
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when you device malfuctions and you need expert help
Screen Repair
When you have broken screen or no display issue
DC Jack
when your device is not charging or turning on.
when you have some keys or all not performing
OS Install
when your software is not working properly or not updating
when device fan is loud or overheating and shutting down
when your battery is not holding charger or displaying service notice
when you are looking to upgrade your machine to higher specs
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Upgrade, Update and installation of software
Hard Drive
When you wish to upgrade from HDD to SSD or get rid of BOSD
when your device is overheating or shutting down intermedeatly
When your device is not taking charge or not charging battery
When your keyboard or keys not performing
When your DVD or Superdrive is not working or reading disc
when your display screen is broken, or you have distorted display
When your battery is not holding charge or performing as expected
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How we can help you during COVID 19

Get your device repaired in just three easy steps, smoothly and  safely

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Step 1.Book Online / in Store

Click on “Book A Repair” on our website or use iPad stand outside our store, enter the details required . Once the system processes your repair request, you will receive a text message on the mobile number you entered with your booking number.

Step 2.Drop your device

Drop your device to our store, please ensure that your device is physically cleaned and sanitised before dropping down to our store. Leave all accessories such as cases and cables at home. we appreciate your support for safety of our staff and yours too.

Step 3.Pickup your device

Once your  device is ready, you will notified by phone or via text. After receiving confirmation, you will be able to collect your device. Our staff appreciates any contactless payments where possible, we appreciate your support and business.

Our Advantages

We can Solve your Hardware and Software Problems

Team you like

Our Team is not just a ordinary team, We are highly educated IT Professional team We hold multiple Certifications and IT degree to support your business.

Quality you want

We offer you range of quality part(Original Parts, Premium Quality, Replacement Grade) to choose from thats suits your budget and Quality that you would love to have and accept.

Over 20,000 Devices Repairs

Rest easy knowing that our technicians are highly experinced  and have repaired thousands of devices before yours!, so we are not learning we are fixing.

Quality work

We can’t promise we can be cheap in price because ” thing that can be bought for cheap price probably isn’t good quality ” and we do not compromise on quality of our work neither with the quality of parts.

We are Ready to help you!

From iPhones to iPads to the latest and greatest devices, your local store can repair your  phone or tablet screen, battery or port with 60 mins, you grab your coffee in neighbourhood while we renew you device and putt a smile on your face.


Professionally Certified

Our staff is Professionally Certifed in IT Tech fields ensuring we are not lacking behind the skills and knowledge we need to ensure quality of work.

Continues Learning

Our staff regularly updates their knowledge and skill techniques for the requirements of  tech gadgets, thats why we are the best at repairing your devices.

Quality Assurance

Rest assured that we carry stock for Genuine and Premium quality parts which means each repair made by us will be of highest quality assured.

We sell Original & Premium Brand Accessories

We proudly say we stock Original and premium brand accessories i.e. cables, charges, batteries, plugs, covers speakers etc..